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Scarfs are a great accessory. They’re a great way to dress up the neck line - if that’s your look. Suit: Simple solid colors are better than busy patterns. Red, navy, camel, charcoal gray work well. Jewelry: Limit the amount of jewelry. Avoid distracting accessories, such as large, shiny jewelry. Make sure to bring some make-up choices as well as so we can see what looks best in your photos.

A business suit coat is best. Navy blue, charcoal, black or a simple chalk stripe will look great. Shirts: Mid-tone solid colored shirts work best. Avoid anything too dark. Be careful when choosing shirts with stripes or pattern as they can be busy and distracting. All shirts must be neatly pressed. No wrinkles. If possible - bring in a few shirts which have been pressed and are to be worn solely for your portrait. Ties: One good idea is to contrast the color of the tie with the color of the shirt. ie: Yellow tie with a blue shirt. Another good look is to use a tie of a similar but different color from your shirt. Something along the lines of purple tie with a blue shirt. Most any color tie will work with white shirts. Bring in your favorite ties and we will see which looks best. We want to avoid 5 o’clock shadow. Make sure to shave the morning of the photo shoot. If necessary, please bring a shaving kit to the shoot for touch ups, especially if your scheduled photo shoot is for later in the day.

Do you have a pair of non-reflective glasses? If so, please bring those to wear for your portrait.

If you feel you need a cut please do so a couple of days prior to the photo shoot.

The best advice is to wear what makes you look your best and portrays how you want to be perceived by your clients. Dress as if you’re meeting your most important client.

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